4 Liters Industrial Hand Sanitizer Gel With Pump



In our current climate, you should take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of your properties. Simple measures can quickly stop the spread of harmful viruses and keep your visitors or employees safe. At Desinfectant GES, we are excited to help with our affordable 4 liter industrial hand sanitizer with pumps, starting at $14.99.

You can easily place our 4 liter commercial hand sanitizer with pumps throughout your property so that visitors and employees can disinfect their hands before entering the premises. We stand by the quality of our hand sanitizers and the pumps they come in. We feel confident that you will be happy with the protection our hand sanitizer can provide your property.

Easily Installed Hand Sanitizer Pumps

With just a single pump from our 4 liter industrial or commercial hand sanitizers, you can eliminate harmful viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. You can easily install our sanitizer throughout your property to ensure the health and safety of everyone. We want to help make the world a safer place with the help of our disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

With our 4 liter hand sanitizers, you can stay protected for longer periods of time before having to buy a new bottle. Our sanitizers can help you and your visitors stay safe during these stressful times. With our affordable prices, you can equip your property with reliable hand sanitizers without having to exceed your budget.

Our sanitizers can be extremely helpful if you own a school or busy commercial business. You can have the peace of mind of knowing you have taken the important precautionary steps to protect your property and patrons. With 70% alcohol and essential oils of lavender and peppermint added, you can disinfect your hands with a calming smell and softer feel.

Ready and Available Staff

Reach out to Disinfectant GES today to learn more about our products and place your first order with us. For more information, give us a call at 1-833-914-7399.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 4.08 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 17.78 × 33.02 cm

Gel 4L Beauchamp, Gel 4L Désinfectant G.E.S.


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